Inexpensive innovation
Centadrive® is a cost effective, remote controlled, delivery door system, that is easily fitted on both new or retrofit vehicles. When coupled with our lightweight, composite shutter door, Centadrive® offers unrivalled capability and advantages, giving multi-drop fleets a real competitive edge in this highly prized sector.

Easy to fit
Play the video to see just how simple a Centadrive® fitting can be!

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Meeting the needs of today's growing delivery market

Centadrive® - a totally new concept

In remote-controlled shutter door systems, specifically designed to solve the many problems, inherent in the delivery doors of today's multi-drop commercial vehicles.

Challenging the conventional
In today's highly competitive logistics market, vehicles are being tailored more and more to meet individual tasks and demands. The ever- increasing multi-drop vehicle market is no exception. Whilst vehicles are designed to be more efficient, cost effective and safer, the one area where maximum, added value can be attained has been mainly ignored - and that is the vehicle's rear delivery door

Tried and tested
Centadrive® is the result of extensive research and development, with intensive long term trials with a leading UK logistics company. Designed specifically for multi-drop delivery vehicles, it gives greater control, easier access and increased safety for drivers, for payloads and for vehicles. Fitted into the roof space, Centadrive® is powered directly by the vehicle's 24 volt battery and needs only 3 electrical connections. In fact, the unit is so easy to fit, it can take 2 experienced fitters as little as 2 hours to install.

Shutter door innovation
Retrofit to any existing dry freight shutter and the dangers of using these traditional heavy doors are eliminated due to the smooth, controlled movement Centadrive® offers. Or, to maximise performance and realise the real benefits, Centadrive® can be used with the new lightweight, composite door. Made from a unique blend of polyurethane and fibreglass, coupled with a honeycomb composite construction, it results in a significant reduction in vehicle weight, thus increasing payload potential.